Just like with our good old listserv you might want to configure things so that receive an email notification when new things are happening on our XyUser Forum page.

The first things you should check is if email notifications in general are allowed for your profile.
You do this by clicking on your profile picture (top left of the screen).

Now select the 'Settings'

You will be shown a page like:

The first setting allows you to enable or disable all email communication to you from the SDL community site.
Make sure that this is enabled.

While you are on this page there are some other interesting settings that you might want to verify.

Whenever you changed something make sure to scroll to the blue 'save' button.

This is also the place where you can verify the notification settings you have for each individual Forum that is present somewhere within the SDL community site.
Unfortunately our group starts with the letter X so you will have to hit the '>' button quite a few times. (scroll to the bottom of the list)

Eventually you will get to the XyUser  Forum settings (yes it is the last entry)

So this tells me that email notifications for the XyUser Forum are on, so I will get an email each time something is posted.

If you see a no, just click on it to turn it into a yes