make PDF of pages with change bars only - not looseleaf

Hi everyone - is there a way to make a PDF of only the pages with change bars? This would be for a non-looseleaf job.

  • Christine,

    I do not think you can do this out of the box, but with a little bit of scripting you could.

    You would have to fromxsf the division with the -rep and -xyp switches so you can detect on which pages you have edit traces and then print using the -ip option in order to print only those pages.
  • Christine,

    Bart is correct. We developed a script a couple years ago to use fromxsf with similar switches to compare traces based on user input to generate changed pages only pdf. It took us a long time to read up the xpp docs to find out the command and switches required. Hope this help. Just my 2 cents.

  • Christine,

    And here is another idea but only usable when the edit traces are bound to xml elements (or PI's) in the text.
    Advantages: no scripting needed and user can use the normal print command

    Change the style definitions for the elements/PI's to call a xyperl function that keeps track of the starting and ending page positions of each edit trace. The xyperl keeps on writing the page positions found into a file.
    When compose is done you will have a file that contains all the page positions that contain edit trace.
    And guess what: the -ip option does support calling a file with page positions that you want to print.
    So for your users it is just a question to add something like -ip ./pagelist.txt to the print command.

    The downside of this approach might be that you will need to do a full compose in order to make sure that your pagelist file contains the correct list of pages.
    So for an environment where you do heavy interactive touchup of a division this might not work....

    And I am sure that there are even other ways you can arrive at the same result...

  • This was one of the wish list items presented at the conference. The wish was for the ability to output only pages that contain trace marks as an CPO option (in addition to being able to output CPOs with reflow pages).