How to highlight text in table row (change background color to yellow)?

XPP v9.2.2.0 on Windows Server 2012

I'm trying to change the background color of a whole row of cells in a table. These items are new items and I need them to be easier to see. We've already used the main foreground colors to highlight other items at different stages that show well in print like cyan, red, magenta, and the other foreground colors do not show up well when printed, so my option is now limited to change the background of the row of items.

The foreground colors we don't use do not show up well because the print is so tiny and thin. And we cannot change the font size as each table row is packed with information.

I've tried these things all in a single macro called <inscolor>.

<co;8><chgrow;pt;;20><co;0> (supposed to change background color to yellow (color 8) at pattern 20%, but only changes to gray 20% background)

<chgrow;fcell;20;8;0> (supposed to change fill of cells to yellow (color 8) at 20% but only changes it to gray 20% background).

We've had this problem in previous versions of XPP (v7.2) where we could change the background color of text outside a table, but not inside a table using <chgrow> or other methods.

Have any ideas for me to try? Have you found something that works in a table?