Why search "[" in xpp "{" also given?

Hi there,

I was asked to write a simple script to check certain things including searching special characters like "[" and "]" which are not supposed to exist at all at the final stage. It works except when it searches "[" (and "]") it also comes back with "{" (and "}"). "{" and "}" are supposed to be OK since they are part of macro. Like the screen cap below. Why is that? Is there a way say using character code (the number is ??) or other I can do this?




We are using XPP 8.4C.1 SP#5 and here is the code I use for searching ..

# check '['
if ($l =~ /\[/) {



# check ']'
if ($l =~ /\]/) {




Appreciate if anyone can help and many thanks in advance. Kwan