Sharing Restore strings between users

Prior to upgrading to XPP 9.3, my organization relied on multiple users sharing Restores (saved strings of text) between them, as described in the User Guide, Chapter 17-7. We have multiple users constantly working on the same projects. We have 100's of saved Restores (strings ranging from single words to entire paragraphs, or templates to be completed later).

After the upgrade to 9.3, none of our users can locate any others' saved strings, since XPP now runs in a strictly Windows environment without MKXServer.

This ability to share content was a critical part of our workflow which seems to no longer exist.

Does anyone using XPP 9.3 currently have multiple users (local or networked) that successfully access saved content located in their respective home folders (xz_profile/ed_savebufs)?

The developer and engineers seem to think it was a rarely used feature in the past, which is strange since it still has a dedicated chapter in the User Guide.

Thank you!