Link problem in PDFs

We're having a problem with the -divpdf program.

The no_pdmmark.pdf is using the divpdf tool without the –pdfmark option. The document looks fine but the blue links are not clickable.

The with_pdfmarks.pdf is using the divpdf tool with the –pdfmark option. There is additional text in blue besides the cite.url tags. The links are clickable.

In order to get this to work with the –pdfmark option we had to remove the two url’s below. we replaced them with

So we have two problems.

  1. The two url’s below cause the divpdf tool to fail when using the –pdfmark option.
  2. After replacing the two url’s below with and running divpdf with the –pdfmark option where we have blue text that is not part of the cite.url tags.

Any idea how we can fix this?