Windows 10

Just want to send out a warning:

Do not upgrade to Windows 10 any machine that is running XPP (standalone, server or client).

The problem is the MKS Xserver that is delivered with the product. It will stop working after the upgrade.
In its log file it will put the following message: 

You are attempting to use the X Server as a full X Server outside of the limited local X Server included in the application.  
Please contact MKS for full X Server options - 800-637-8034 or

And yes we all know that Windows 10 is not an officialy supported platform for XPP.
But just in case you cave in an finally hit that "upgrade to Window 10" button the 20th time it shows up...

PS: In case you did hit the upgrade to Windows 10 button, the workaround is to use another Xserver.
I am currently using X-win32 2014 and it seems to work fine after an initial fight to load the vuem fonts.

PPS: I have opened a ticket with SDL.
Not that I expect a solution (unsupported platform, remember [:)]) but just that they are aware that this is a potential problem.