What did we learn from the San Francisco Developer/Tech Days?

Hello all,

Now that we have the event behind us, it is time to learn from it and to make adjustments where needed for next time and retain elements that worked. So, what did work for you and what did not? What should we improve and what should we retain?

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  • I believe the hackathon was well perceived, but would have gotten more attendees if it was not run at the same time of the main event. While we expected the main event sessions were not so interesting for developers, some apparently did have to make a decision, and therefore chose not to attend the hackathon.
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    Agree to that. We "assumed" developers would not want to be at the main event. That myth has been busted for sure. The Hackathon indeed warrants its own slot and hot a shared slot.
  • I think it was overall very well organized and managed and gives a great platform to connect developers as well as courage to share more. One idea/suggestion....can it be made online streamed (ofcourse next time) so as to make it truly global and people who are unable to joined the Innovate Event due to geography or commitments or some other reason can also participate at the same time
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    That is definitely on our list. Al least off line review is something we are now working. Thx
  • I enjoyed the experience, but being back to back with the Innovate event - it appeared that less technical innovate attendee's joined the pre-event opportunistically which resulted in a less technical developers day.
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