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How do I get the default / file type specific QuickInserts / QuickTags?

This should be easy but I'm trying to get my head around this now for the past 3 hours or so to no avail...

Think about a document of a certain type which is open in the editor. It is the ActiveDocument and I let the user insert text and he/she might add special characters (non-breaking hyphen, etc.) which may or may not be legal for our file type. If it is legal it might be preferable to insert it as a tag, ie. QuickInserts / QuickTags.

1st question: Should I worry? Or will the file generator for my file type sort this out in the end?

My thinking was that I could find out about these things though the QuickInsertsSettings collection.

2nd question: I guess the Editor knows about the current QuickInserts / QuickTags. Can we access this info?

The IFileTypeDefinition should also know something - at least file type specific QuickInsertsSettings - but if you ask (fileTypeDefinition.GetQuickInserts()) it wants a SettingsBundle (plus some IFileProperties) as argument, possibly to read the QuickTags from.???

We can create some new QuickInsertsSettings and reset them to Defaults. Unfortunately they will be empty.

Then there are the QuickTagDefaults. As promising as it sounds the individual IDefaultQuickTagInfos seems only be interesting for UI stuff. So far I've been unable to see how they map to characters or what the appropriate markup should be like.

There is a nice tutorial about Implementing QuickInsert Functionality but unfortunately without any hint on how to use them.