Visual Studio 2017 error when creating new SDL project

I have Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. I installed the SDL SDK. When I try to create a new project in Visual Studio using the "SDL Custom Batch Task Plug-in 2017" template, I get this error:

Argument can't be null

Parameter name: node

Any ideas what the problem can be? I just installed Visual Studio a few weeks ago and have create a few Windows Forms App to learn my way around Visual Studio.

I will attach the "ActivityLog.xml" file from Visual Studio. There are 5 errors. Maybe the last one is relevant?

The solution file was found to be empty.

Thanks, Gary


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    Hi Gary

    The error "Found templates with duplicate template ids at..." seems strange.
    I would suggest running a repair of Visual Studio or maybe reinstalling it.

    > I see four ZIP files in the ProjectTemplates directory. Do those files need to be unzipped by me?
    No, those do not need to be unzipped.