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Problem with translated Word documents (english -> japanese)


we are using SDL Studio 2017 for translating English Word files to Japanese. 

After generating the target files we have quite often a problem with the automatic word wrapping. Sometimes the text runs out of the page.

I tried to fix this with a Post Processing BatchTask. I used this code:

var font = applicationWord.ActiveWindow.Selection.Font;
font.NameFarEast = "MS PGothic";
font.NameAscii = "Segoe UI";
font.NameOther = "Segoe UI";

The word wrapping works much better with this, but in some cases it still looks strange:

The problem is the space between the two words of the product name. Somehow the other following Japanese characters do not fill up the line because it is interpreted as a single word.
I can fix this when I insert a space somewhere in the text manually in Word (and remove it again). Then suddenly the word wrapping is correct. But I can not achieve this by code.

Something changes when I insert a space, but I don't know what. If you have an idea, please let me know.