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Lost Focus at FilesView so easily

Hi, I am writing a PlugIn.
It will be put at FilesView.

I have a difficulty.
It losts focus too easily.

You can reproduce it (lost focus) like this;
-click once any file at FilesView and press Up/Down arrow key, it follows your will.
-goes to EditorView and just back again to FilesView
-now, press Up/Down arrow key again. It is not moving.

How can I get a focus again ?
SDL API does not have any way to make it.

Thank you

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  • I tried it and can reproduce it.

    I would guess the reason why the files panel is not focused is because you clicked on the Files button, so this should have the focus. Interestingly, when switching to the Editor the focused is always transferred to the editing window when there is an open document. But this is the only panel where this happens reliably (it sometimes works with Projects, too).

    I wonder what kind of application/plugin would rely on some obscure shifting of the focus? Can you enlighten us? Why is it so important that the files panel has the focus? Can't you do without?