Keys should be changed on a second plugin


Which keys should I modify on a second plugin?



I start to make a second plugin for Trados.

But this is constructed from the same SDK.

So below message is shown when I attempt to load two plugins at the same time.

"An item with the same key has already been added."

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  • You have to handle more than 15 names for a PlugIn.
    This one is regarding Action_ID.
    It should be unique.

  • In reply to Hoon Kim:

    Thank you for your reply.

    I changed Action_id, but the same error occured.

    I changed ids below.

    TranslationProvider Id Name
    TranslationProviderFactory Id Name
    PlugInName in manifest

    There are any other that should be changed?
  • In reply to NICT Dev:

    That's sad
    You need some professional view - not me
    Some of the name I'd troubled
    For instance.

    RibbonGroup ID
    RibbonGroup Name
    RibbonGroup class
    Action ID
    Action Name
    Action class
    Viewpart ID
    Viewpart Name
    Viewpart class
    Assembly name
    Assembly Title

    Good luck
  • In reply to NICT Dev:

    You need to make sure the plugin name is different, as well as the Ribbon ID.

    Take a look at the class that has :AbstractRibbonGroup behind it. That name must be unique.

    Same with

    RibbonGroup("Group.Groupname", Name = "Ribbonname")

    Then check the plugin name in your solution's properties, "Application" tab. Must be different from the other plugin also.

  • In reply to Andreas Galambos:

    Thank Kim and Galambos for your reply.

    I succeed to open a Trados main screen thanks of you.

    I tried to modify some parameters.

    I noticed that the minimum parameters to modify to load duplicated plugins is below.
    Action - id
    RibbonGroup - Name
    Project assembly name
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