Rest API not starting for GroupShare

Hi there,

Are there any special requirements needed to get Rest API to load up? According to GroupShare's installation guide it should be listening on port 41234, in my case, there is nothing listening on that port. Has anyone experienced this?

I already checked the firewall and it isn't blocking that port.

How can I get Rest API to load up? Any thoughts?


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    Hi Jeremy,

    Glad to hear this was resolved.

    Just a note, depending on what you are planning to develop, there is a .NET Library that can be used for the GroupShare REST API, which takes away a lot of groundwork of working with it (such as token management, async calls, etc.)

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Were you able to 'Try' the REST APIs at https://<servername>/documentation/api ?
    We are using Groupshare 2017. I was able to access the https://<servername>/documentation/api/index.
    It shows a description of access token. It doesn't show a list of available APIs, and there fore no way to 'Try' the APIs
  • Hi Chris,

    Just a small point in case you've misunderstood something: port 41234 is the port on which you can view the documentation. However, you can't call the API on port 41234, it's simply a web application containing the documentation which can be obtained here.

    The API itself listens on your standard HTTP/HTTPS ports (typically 80/443, unless you've configured them differently in IIS).

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