Update: SDL GroupShare REST for the Translation Memory API?

Dear colleagues of SDL,

could you please tell us developers when we could expect the extended SDL GroupShare REST API to address translation memory access like TM look ups?

When does REST replace the former Translation Memory API 3.0 based on .NET DLLs?

Thank you!

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    Hi Jesse,

    We typically only introduce new APIs as part of Service Packs or Major Releases, so the next scheduled major release for the Studio, MultiTerm and GroupShare product lines is in 2015.



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    Hi Enrico,

    I am new to Groupshare and need to use the REST APIs to integrate with our product.
    We are using Groupshare 2017 and was trying to use some basic functionality via REST APIs.
    Note : I am writing simple java REST client to test the requets. I could do a success full login that returned the OAuth token.
    Now, having issues understanding the more complex REST APIs.

    I have the swagger documentation below.

    (Any idea how to get a user account to ‘Try’ the requests?)


    This is not enough to provide the correct values of parameters in the request while doing the REST request.
    Is there any place I can get detailed information about the values that can be passed and detailed information about the returned JSON object?

    Some are self-explanatory in swagger documentation, while others are not.

    I tried to access the swagger on the server where we installed Groupshare because I have a user account and test TM there.


    But, this doesn't provide a list of available APIs to ‘Try’ as it display the list of APIs in the above swagger documentation from SDL locations.

    Thanks in advance
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