Termbase - response 500 when using GET /multiterm/api/1.0/termbases/{termbaseId}/concepts/{conceptId}


I am not able to use concepts inTermbase - response 500 ("Message": "An error has occurred.") when using GET /multiterm/api/1.0/termbases/{termbaseId}/concepts/{conceptId}. I am using termbaseId and conceptId from GET /multiterm/api/1.0/termbases/search. I tested it via Postman/Swagger and Java.

Thx for help

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  • Hi  

    Could you please give me more information like the steps you are doing and the headers you add to your request? 

    I just tried your scenario:

    1. call /multiterm/api/1.0/termbases/search

     2. I took the concept id and termbaseId and made a call in PostMan to get the concept:

    Kind regards,

    Andrea Ghisa