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After Update to SR1 the filetype is missing when I add files with FilebasedProject.AddFiles

I try to update our application to Trados 2017 SR1. 

When I create a new Project over the and add a word file I can't convert it to SDLXLIFF (with Filebasedproject.RunAutomatictask).

The I saved the Project and opened it in Trados. The word file is in the files list of the source language. But there is no Filetype ID.

When I try to create the Project with Trados Studio everything is fine.

What can I do?

Best regards

Bruno Rothbächer

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4 Replies

  • Is it a legacy *.doc (not *.docx) Word format by any chance?

    Wasn't the DOC file type removed in 2017 SR1 (to be re-added later in CU8)?
    I can't remember precisely, but something like this is coming to my mind...
    There was a lot of discussion around this change back then...

    Sorry if I'm completely off... just an idea...

  • In reply to Evzen Polenka:

    It's a docx file. I've tried it also with HTML. No file will recognize the file type ID.
  • In reply to Bruno Rothbächer:

    And do you run the Scan automatic task after adding the file to project (and before running the ConvertToTranslatableFormat task)? That Scan task is actually what assigns the file type to the project file(s).
  • DOCX files can have some metadata which Trados doesn't like. We quite often have to clean the file.

    Open the file in Word, then click on the File menu. You'll see an option to 'Check for Issues'...

    Choose the 'Inspect Document' option...

    Click 'Inspect' and wait for the results to appear. You might find something like this...

    Click 'Remove All', save the file, then try again to add it to the project.