How to correctly declare an icon for a ribbon action?

While building a Trados Studio plugin I can't seem to get the icon to display for my ribbon action.

I've added an icon to the project's properties..

I have then referenced this on my implementation of AbstractViewControllerAction...

    ContextByType = typeof(ProjectsController),
    Description = "...",
    Name = "Terminology Provider Settings",
    Icon = "settings")]
[ActionLayout(typeof(SupertextRibbonGroup), 2, DisplayType.Normal)]
public class ProjectsViewSettingsAction : AbstractViewControllerAction<AbstractViewController>
    protected override void Execute()
        // ...

But the icon doesn't appear...

What have I missed?

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  • Hi  

    Please take a look at the following screenshot and make sure the properties for the icon are set as follows: 

    Build Action: "Resource"

    Copy to Output Directory: Do not copy


  • In reply to Andrea-Melinda Ghisa:


    I have the same options set...



    And the properties for the project-wide resources (does this matter?)...

    For 'Persistence' I have tried both "Linked at compile time" and "Embedded in .resx" and neither seem to work.

    Are there any pertinent properties of the icon file itself? Is there a maximum or minimum size which will be displayed? I think my .ico file contains a range of sizes - might this cause a problem?



    Sorry, my fault - I was looking at the wrong .resx file: I was working with the out-of-the-box Resources.resx under the project's Properties, whereas the standard Trados plugin project has a PluginResources.resx at the root level of the project, and this is where the icon should be added, not in Resources.resx.