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Accessing termbases via the GroupShareKit

When attempting to read termbases (client.Terminology.GetTermbases) via the groupsharekit rest api, i get a "Maximum number of CALS reached exception." This is strange because I can read project info without issues with the same connection. Any ideas why I would get this message only when attempting to access the termbases? Thanks!

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2 Replies

  • Hi Andrew,

    This is only a guess but have you checked the System Configuration tab in GroupShare's web interface? It tells you how many licenses are in-use/available for the different features within GroupShare.

    Here is a screenshot from our GroupShare instance - you can see that we have more 'seats' available for accessing projects (40) than we have for accessing termbases (20). It may be the case that you are out of termbase users but haven't used up the full availability for project users.

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    Thanks! I will check that.