Termbase export through the GS REST API / GroupShareKit


Is there any way to export the complete termbase (including multimedia objects) using the REST API? I have not found such an API endpoint. Even if it is possible to query the concepts by their ID one-by-one, there seems to be no method available to query the complete list of concept IDs. (It would be nice, of course, if it would be possible the ask for several concepts at once, say 100, not only 1). What we are also missing from the REST API is the capability to query the definition of the filters, so not only their name and description, but also the rules they implement.

Is there any plan to implement these features in the REST API? The problem is that these features are available only on the COM desktop API, while some features (like image handling) are available only on the REST API, so we must use it mixed at the moment.

Thanks in advance,


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  • Hi Tamas,

    Export/Import/Defining Filters is not available through the REST API and is not planned at this stage. In order to automate this, you would have to use the Desktop API.