Filtered segments counts ?

I am trying to write a brief PlugIn


It counts segments from filtered result

It works like hu(wo)man (I mean slow), selects all the segments using leftmost seg numbers and counts it.

But, I'd like to improve its working speed.



I used default 'Display Filter' to make a good result.

-in screenshot its result shows 4 segments


Now, when I run 'Advanced Display Filter', it shows another nice figure.

-in screenshot it reveals 'Filtered 4 of 27 segments' . I like very much this part.


But, when I run 'Community Advanced Display Filter', it lacks this message. Just empty.



Is there any way to use this figures ?

If possible, I'd like to know the list of filtered segments too.



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  • I am not sure I fully understand this.

    If I use the Community Advanced Display Filter and apply a filter, I can see these figures:

    Now, if I open both the Community and the "normal" Advanced display filter, and I set a filter in the normal one, the filtered number does not update in the ACDF status bar. But then I cannot imagine a scenario where one would need both filter dialogs.

    Do you need both filters and is this effect the one you describe or do you mean something else entirely?

    Edit: To get the number of filtered segments, you can use ActiveDocument.FilteredSegmentPairsCount.ToString();