Getting translated text segments from TranslationUnit

How can I get the translated text segments from a TranslationMemory's TranslationUnits that I am fetching using GroupShareKit?


What we need:

A way to list actual translated text segments, by exposing them via an API method. 


What we currently have: 

Using the SDL GroupShareKit, we can make a call to the /api/tmservice/tms/{tmId}/tus. This returns a list of TranslationUnits, but none of them actually contain any actual translated text.

This is the object I get in Visual Studio Debug, as a result of the API call:


I cannot find the translated text anywhere in the object.

This is the output of a postman call to: /api/tmservice/tms/348c5fdc-5c63-461b-932a-38d744213c3b/tus?source=de-ch&target=en-gb&startTuId=0&count=5



Is this even possible? Can you get actual text from a TU? If not, how would we need to go about solving this problem?