Do WorldServer REST APIs support project group creation with uploaded AIS files?

Hi Team,

We are working on the REST API integration with WorldServer on version 11.3. We can upload files and then use the file name as system file for project group creation. But how to create a project group with "aisFiles", we have tried but the error message from "projectGroups/create" is not clear enough to investigate and triage. Response error message: "Project data was corrupt, try creating the project again. If the error persists contact the administrator."

Could you please provide any guides about how to use this REST APIs with AIS files? Many thanks in advance!


Ina Song

  • Hi Ina,

    Unfortunately, this has not been implemented. Currently, the project group creation endpoint only takes advantage of files uploaded to WorldSever via the /files endpoint, but it does not use or create projects using the aisFiles that you might've attached.

    Hope you found this useful!

    Denis Derecichei