SDLXLIFF Toolkit - performance and size issues

Hi all,

First of all, if this is wrong place to share feedback about app - SDLXLIFF Toolkit ( please let me know and if possible move this thread to proper location. Thanks in advance.

I am currently working on multiple and quite big *.sdlxliff files and my project needs to separate locked and unlocked segments, so I decided to use SDLXLIFF Toolkit to remove not necessary segments and glue needed into one using "merge result" option.

Few details:

  1. 141 *.sdlxliffs - 2,11 GB size
  2. All segments count = 35038
  3. Locked segments in all 141 *.sdlxliffs = 25944
  4. Unlocked segments in all 141 *.sdlxliffs  =9094

Unfortunately, when I am using SDLXLIFF Toolkit with settings which I need, it crashes with out of memory information. I checked it on few PCs with 8\16 GB RAM and it's still the same issue, however the maximum spotted memory load was around 1,5 GB.

I believe that problem is because of performance and loading whole *.sdlxliff file as *.xml, what in case of multiple and/or big files ends with out of memory exception.

Of course I tried less files - 5 files (size 75-100MB) and it works.

The next issue is size of merged, but sliced result *.sdlxliff, it's not big difference.


  1. 12 *.sdlxliff files
  2. total size 115 MB
  3. All segments count = 6852
  4. Locked segments in all 12 *.sdlxliffs = 5752
  5. Unlocked segments in all 12 *.sdlxliffs  = 1100

I was expecting merged *.sdlxliff with only unlocked segments which are 16% of all segments, with reduced size, but size of merged *.sdlxliff is 82.6 MB which is ~72% of initial size.

I would like to know if there is any chance to review the code of this tool SDLXLIFF Toolkit  and try to solve issues with performance and size, described above?

In case of needed more details, I am happy to help, please leave me message I will try to help as much as possible.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,