New plugin development: where to download SDL Studio 2017?

Hello community,

We are considering a development of a new Machine Translation plugin for SDL studio. It's our first experience with plugin development with SDL so please forgive me for any trivial question I may ask.

We would like developing our plugin starting with Studio 2017 for two reasons: resources out there refer to this version, so we would like to start with a consolidated experience and, most important, we would start with a version that has more users in order to extend the support once we have a much clearer view on how to properly build a plugin. The problem is that we cannot find the download link anywhere now that 2019 is out.

Can you please point me to the right direction?

Further more, is there a "developer" version of SDL Studio that we developers can use to create and maintain our plugin? Something like a free, limited version just for devs. There is usually a 30-days trial, but I think it's pretty hard to complete the plugin in this lifespan (moreover because we do not have any experience with that), and it would be a problem to develop updates and bugfixes anyways.

What is the standard way to proceed?

Thanks to all for your help, it's much appreciated!

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