Programmatic removal of auto-cloned inline tags

I am developing a plug-in that merges segments into one. Some segments contain auto-cloned tag pairs, e.g.:


This is a <pt15>test</pt15>:



When merged the consolidated segment looks like this:

This is a <pt15>test</pt15>: <pt15>Attention</pt15>!


But it should look like this, which is what you also get when merging those segments in Studio manually.

This is a <pt15>test: Attention</pt15>!


For merging I am using a function that looks as shown below. The MoveAllItemsTo method also inserts the tags with the sdl:autoclone property into the enlarged segment. Can anyone think of an easy way to exclude the auto-cloned tags?



        private void MergeFunction(IParagraph paragraph)


            var segments = from item in paragraph

                           where item is ISegment 

                           select item as ISegment;


            int i = 0;

            segments.ToList().ForEach(item => 



                var sourceSegmentPosition = item.IndexInParent;


                if (i > 1)




                    item.MoveAllItemsTo(paragraph, sourceSegmentPosition);