BilingualContentProcessor returning empty file

Hello SDL and Developers,

I need to clear unlocked target segments in sdlxliff when creating a project.

I created a bilingualcontentprocessor (called "Wiper") and I ran it using File Type Framework Apis  multifileconverter.

the wiper seems to work as it writes in console for each of its steps, but at the end of the process I get an empty sdlxliff file.

The empty sdlxliff file is well formed but there's no TU in it.

the original SDLxliff file has few tus, 4 of which are unlocked and therefore processed by the wiper.

Where am I doing wrong?


Thank you very much for any incoming suggestion. 


This is the Wiper bilingualcontentprocessor

      public class Wiper : AbstractBilingualContentProcessor
            public override void Initialize(IDocumentProperties documentInfo)
                Console.WriteLine("MSG:::Ripulisco il file " + documentInfo.LastOpenedAsPath);
            public override void SetFileProperties(IFileProperties fileInfo)
                Console.WriteLine("MSG:::setProp ");
            public override void ProcessParagraphUnit(IParagraphUnit myPu)
                if (!myPu.IsStructure) {
                    foreach(var myTu in myPu.SegmentPairs)
                        if (!myTu.Properties.IsLocked)
                            Console.WriteLine("Elimino " + myTu.Target.UniqueId.ToString());
            public override void Complete()
                Console.WriteLine("MSG:::TuWiper Completo");
            public override void FileComplete()
                Console.WriteLine("MSG:::File Completo");

and i invoke it like that


            IFileTypeManager mgr = Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core.Utilities.IntegrationApi.DefaultFileTypeManager.CreateInstance(true);

            string bilingualFilePath = targetFiles[0].LocalFilePath;
            string outputfile = (targetFiles[0].LocalFilePath+@"new.sdlxliff");

            IMultiFileConverter conv = mgr.GetConverterToDefaultBilingual(bilingualFilePath, outputfile, null);

            conv.AddBilingualProcessor(new Wiper());

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