Programmatically convert Excel file to MultiTerm base


I would like to programmatically convert an Excel file to a MultiTerm base. I manage to create the termbase with the following code, but when I then try to manually import the .XML file, I get a Different Definition (translated from French) error.

If I do the whole process manually by creating the termbase with the same .XDT file, everything’s fine.

   Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.Application oMt = new Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.ApplicationClass();

   TermbaseRepository oLocalRep = oMt.LocalRepository;

   oLocalRep.Connect("", "");

   Termbases oTbs = oLocalRep.Termbases;

   oTbs.New("TermbaseName", "Description", "TermbaseDefinitionFile", "TermbaseDestinationFilePath");


What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.