SDL Multiterm 2017 not accessable on some machines via .NET API

We are having issues with our application that uses your MultiTerm SDK 2017 on several PCs.
We are using local multiterm desktop installations.

It works fine on some PCs but we get "Exception:External component has thrown an exception." while trying to connect.
A simple test application fails on those machines

Code snippet:
                Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.Application oMT = new Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.ApplicationClass();
                TermbaseRepository oLocalRep = oMT.LocalRepository;
                oLocalRep.Connect("", "");
                AppendLog("Connection succesfull");
            catch(Exception ex)
                AppendLog("Connection failed - Exception:"+ex.Message);

Can you help us identify what is going wrong?
Do you have detailed logging on the error?

FYI: The multiterm documentation I found on
appears to be outdated.

Some extra info:
I tested with both these versions of Multiterm 2017: 14.1.2441.0     &   14.2.43908.7
Maybe noteworthy: The reference I add in my C# project is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SDL\MultiTerm14\Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.dll
(FYI I also tried with C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio5\Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.dll but this is the same binary)
but this file only has version 14.0.1529.0
Could that be related?
I also had to set "Embedded interop Types" to false to make the code (based on your sample) work.

Note: I searched for multiterm on but found no hits.
Let me know if I should post the issue there

Kind Regards,
Frederic Vancraeyveldt
for Yamagata Europe

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