Translation Memory Api Search for Pipe | character

Within Trados Studio 2019:

I can get search results for the following: "Apple | Banana", and "|"

Within Translation Memory Api:

I can get search results for the following: "Apple | Banana", but searching for "|" returns 0 hits.

These are my search settings:

string searchFor = "|";
FileBasedTranslationMemory tm = new FileBasedTranslationMemory(TranslationMemoryPath);
int totalTmTranslationUnitCount = tm.LanguageDirection.GetTranslationUnitCount();
SearchSettings sdlSearchSettings = new SearchSettings();
sdlSearchSettings.Mode = SearchMode.ConcordanceSearch; sdlSearchSettings.MinScore = 70; sdlSearchSettings.MaxResults = totalTmTranslationUnitCount; sdlSearchSettings.FindPenalty(PenaltyType.FilterPenalty); SearchResults results = tm.LanguageDirection.SearchText(sdlSearchSettings, searchFor);


Any ideas on how to get hits on only the pipe character?

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