IMPORTANT: Updating plugins if they are intended for the AppStore


We intend to start automating the process of plugin installation a little more starting with the ability to receive notifications in Studio when a new app is available for download.  You can see more on this here:

The reason for me posting here is to request that all developers who do have apps on the SDL AppStore submit an updated version following the conventions in the wiki link above.  This will ensure that your apps will be picked up correctly when an update is submitted and your users will receive a notification that the app has been updated in Studio.

It is possible, if you don't already use the same plugin name in the plugin manifest as the name in the AppStore, that your users will end up with a duplicate plugin and possibly an error message when they start Studio.  This will be because the plugin name in the manifest file is used by Studio and it will see two of them.  So it will be important that your users remove the old plugin first using the plugin manager just for this initial update.  We have some instructions for the users here:

I hope this is all clear, but if you have any questions post them below.