Did SDL Trados SDK code have GC.RemoveMemoryPressure() in it

We have created an application that can creates Trados project using SDL Trsdos 2017/2019 SDK.

It creates the project perfect, but we have a problem with random hangs and speed problem. this program running on a server all the time and is waiting for a request to come. So I think our problem is related to Memory consumption or .NET Garbage Collection.

I read in C# docs that there is a function called: GC.RemoveMemoryPressure() & GC.AddMemoryPressure() , that:


...If a small managed object allocates a large amount of unmanaged memory, the runtime takes into account only the managed memory, and thus underestimates the urgency of scheduling garbage collection. The AddMemoryPressure method informs the runtime of this additional pressure on system memory.


I believe this .NET SDL Trados classes internally works with unmanaged code (COM+ objects). As the process of creating a project consume about 500MB memory , my question is: does these SDL .NET codes have  GC.AddMemoryPressure() inside of it or we must write it our selves?

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