GroupShare throwing exception from Project.GetProject()


I'm currently using the GroupShareKit - 2020 nuget package. I am trying to send a project name which in turn, returns the information of the appropriate GroupShare project.

This is my implementation for GetProject

For the project below (GroupShare version: UI: 15.0.0 GS: - GS 2020)

Which ultimately leads to this error:

However, when retrieving data from a different GroupShare account that uses an older version of GroupShare (UI: 14.1.10 GS: 14.2.60175.10 - SR1 CU10), I do not have any issue retrieving the information of any project using the same method.

Other things I've already checked:

- Roles and permissions are all enabled in both accounts; both accounts have access to the projects.

- Credentials are correct; in both cases, information of the project can be retrieved using the Project.Get() method

Is there something I'm missing here?

Thank you.