RunAutomaticTask PreTranslateFiles task doesn't work properly from 2019SR2CU5

We have a problem regarding FileBasedProject.RunAutomaticTask PreTranslateFiles. It seems that ContextMatch and 100% match are not applied correctly from 2019SR2CU5 and CU6 by using FileBasedProject.RunAutomaticTask PreTranslateFiles.

Here is the result of AutomaticTask PreTranslateFiles

Is this known issue?

Are there any workarounds to solve our problem?


AutomaticTask preTranslate = project.RunAutomaticTask(files.GetIds(), AutomaticTaskTemplateIds.PreTranslateFiles,
(sender, args) =>
(sender, args) =>
if (args.Message.Exception != null)


Please note that pre-translate under batch task(Select project -> Batch tasks-> Pre-translate files) works fine.

Best regards,


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