I am using Passolo SDK 2018. How do you configure the CPAIExportOptions filters?

I am working on an export plugin and I would like to present the user with the exports options and I have the following questions.

1)  I see there is a CPAIExportOptions.TokenInFilter method, but how do you configure what is in the filter in using the SDK?

2)  I see in the Passolo UI when using an export plugin you have the options to write

  1.  all strings
  2. or all strings and deleted strings

     How can you configure this using the SDK?

3)  Is there a way to get only deleted strings or string in the Passolo trash bin using the SDK?

  • I haven’t developed an export add-in for a while so I can’t give you any code sample beyond what is available in the SDK samples.


    The CPAIExportOptions.TokenInFilter method is referring to the Write option in the Export wizard page (see below). This allows to do some basic filters and when starting the Export wizard from the translation list view, you can do any filtering in the list and then use the …that are currently displayed option. In addition you can further filter strings by implementing export add-in specific filters and store them in export settings like the option in the TMS export.


    This cannot be configured in the add-in itself, as it is a user setting that can be set in the export wizard, Depending on fact if the export is started from the project view or if the export is started from the translation list view. You can just read the users Write option while exporting.


    Yes, the export procedure will be able to check the token status and then just export deleted string entries (from the recycle bin).