Convert to native file with GenerateTargetTranslations Automatic Task

Hello all, I have a simple task, I need to write a C# console application that simply takes as input a .sdlxliff and outputs the native version of this .sdlxliff. Let's assume this input .sdlxliff has segments from English -> Greek and the original/native source file from which this .sdlxliff originated is a Word document in English. Then, the expected output would be, again, a Word document but in Greek, not English.

I have something like:

        private void ConvertFromXliff(FileBasedProject project, string xliffFilePath)
            project.AddFolderWithFiles(xliffFilePath, recursive: false);

            ProjectFile[] projectFiles = project.GetSourceLanguageFiles();

            AutomaticTask convert = project.RunAutomaticTask(projectFiles.GetIds(), AutomaticTaskTemplateIds.GenerateTargetTranslations);

This runs, but does not produce the Greek Word file that I am expecting.

When using SDL Trados UI, I am throwing an .sdlxliff in the Editor window and then I run batch task and it just works (ONLY IF I DISABLE MY ANTI-VIRUS FIRST). Thanks in advance!