How to programmatically configure verification in new FileBasedProject?

I am working on a plugin that can generate projects. I would like to programmatically configure verification settings at project creation time.

In particular I would like to set up the Tag Verifier with some specific settings. I was able to (attempt) to do so by referring to classes in Sdl.Verification.TagVerifier.dll but then found out at plugin loading time that this API is not available to third-party plugins.

I found some discussion about the Generic Tag Verifier. An acceptable alternative to configuring the regular Tag Verifier would be to provide a custom verifier based on Generic Tag Verifier (assuming I could customize the settings). However I can't figure out how I would do this: I was able to add the Generic Tag Verifier to an existing filter via the FileTypeComponentBuilderExtension mechanism (details) but I don't see any opportunity to customize its settings.

Is there a good approach to be taken? In general, is there a way to programmatically customize the settings of a project?