API behaviour changes from Studio 2015 SR3 to Studio 2019 SR2?


We're currently performing a plug-in migration from Studio 2015 SR3 to Studio 2019 SR2.

So far, we've seen that there are no public interface/signature changes in the API (besides having to reference the new Sdl.Core.TM.ImportExport.dll library).

There's also no API being used that's marked as obsolete.

However, we've noticed the following behaviour changes between these versions:

  • The FileBasedProject(string) constructor became more restrictive in terms of file path handling (e.g. extra white-spaces are no longer handled correctly);
  • The TMs' URIs now follow the UNC convention, formatted for the web, which now contain 5 forward slashes after the URI scheme (e.g. sdltm.file://///C:/Users/...). This makes it necessary to do some formatting to remove the extra forward slash before using the file path (even when accessing it through the Uri.LocalPath property).

Now, we'd like to know whether you know of any other behaviour changes in the API besides these.