Connecting to a termbase works fine, but to retrieve the entryID gets timeout message



Somebody already asked a similar question, see the post "MultiTerm API timeout when getting entry IDs" from Tamas, I am having the same issue, my termbase is much bigger though, with 45,000 entries. However, I can connect to the termbase and see the entry count, but when I call the methods to retrieve the IDs, that’s when I get a timeout message, Visual Studio suggests to increase sendTimeout on the binding, I am not sure how to implement this, or if that’s really the source of the problem.

When using the API, the only function available is to call GetEntryIDs :

EntryIDs oIDs = oEntries.GetEntryIDs();


If I can connect to the termbase, then my credential shouldn’t be a problem, the termbase is huge, but I have a second server hosting a termbase of equal size and with that one the same function can return all entry IDs without problem.


What else could have contributed this timeout issue? By increasing the timeout on termbase server, would that help?


Would be good if someone from development team can look into this.




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