unhandled SEHException

Hi there

I want to access our Multiterm data via the API. I have written a few lines of code in C#, but now I run into an exception that I cannot seem to tackle.

Here is a snippet:
            Application oMt = new ApplicationClass();

            TermbaseRepository oServerRep = oMt.ServerRepository;
            oServerRep.Connect(my credentials);
            oServerRep.Location = (my server);
            Console.WriteLine("Connection successful: " + oServerRep.IsConnected);

            Termbases oTbs = oServerRep.Termbases;

An unhandled 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException' is thrown at the last line, i.e. when I try to access the Termbases. The line above that shows me that the connection has been established successfully, so no problem there.

Unfortunately, my debugging efforts haven't yielded any result either. Does anyone know how to resolve such an exception?

Thanks in advance!

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