SDL OpenExchange 2014 Apps List (updated 1st June 2014)

This file contains the list of ideas for applications generated by users in various public forums, as well as the Studio Forums in this community.  It is currently updated by Paul Filkin so if you have any ideas you wish to add, or you wish to note your interest in developing a particular application just post a comment and we'll update it accordingly... until we implement a better way of doing this... probably using Innovation Cast which integrates into the platform we are using for this community.

  • Hi Paul,

    Could you add a Studio file type for Apple Keynote presentations to the App ideas list please?

    Regards, Ian

  • Hi Klaus,

    Good idea... will be good timing for the OX competition too.  I look forward to seeing it there.  I'll update the spreadsheet appropriately.



  • Hi Paul,

    We already have a tool for idea 33, the project creator. Our tool can create projects, create packages, import packages, send packages via mail or ftp etc. It is a webservice which you can call or which can monitor folders. You can set up several "instances" of our service so that basically you can configure different workflows for different file types. We are currently working on the 2011 compatibility so that we can also export 2009 packages from 2011... But I can upload the current version...


  • I would love to see a PO file filter for Trados Studio.

  • Hi Paul,

    Please note my interest in working for the development of the so called Vanilla sdlxliff in the list.  I have the sdlxliff xmlreader ready from SDLXLiff2TMX and I will just have to change the xmlwriter to write clean xliff instead of tmx.  I think it will not be that difficult.

    If no one else is interested put me up for it.

    Best regards,