Updating the client configuration, XMETAL 11, and SDL KC 2016 SP4

We want to push custom CSS files to our clients and I've noticed that the out of box files on the server seem to support up to "XMETAL 10-J".  We're using XMETAL 11.


First question is .. do I need to do anything?  Can we configure it to use or does it already use XMETAL 10-J settings?


If work is to be done ... that leads to more questions ... 


  • Does the system default to the latest server side version (10-J) or do I need to go through the files and populate settings for XMETAL 11? 
    • If I must update the files to include XMETAL 11 is there an instruction on how to properly do so?   
      • Is it safe to copy the localstorage for XMETAL 10 and then paste it into a folder for XMETAL 11? 
      • What syncgroup parameters must be added to ClientConfig.xml?