ConditionManagement10.CompareConditionCategories not working

I'm curious as to whether anyone out there has managed to get any output out of this ancient API call? I've gotten output out of every other call to this API, but the response object for this call always comes back with a return code of -1 and an empty payload. No exception is thrown.

I'm hoping this call works correctly as I'm not looking forward to rolling my own categories XML comparison algorithm :(

Many thanks for any help you can give.

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  • The one powerful feature that the API has is the ability to compare sets and generate a changes list which you can upload to TD to effect the changes. Comparing condition sets with the CompareConditionLists call works like a charm, but comparing category sets with the CompareConditionCategories call always returns an empty set.

    Over the weekend I built a kludgy but effective workaround: I transform the category set into a condition list, run it through the CompareConditionLists call, and then transform the resulting condition changes set into a category changes set. This works as long as your configuration does not have nested categories.
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