Publication Manager.log

I am debugging some issues with a map specialization in the Publication Manager window. Our CMS engineer have been looking at the Publication Manager.log file and are noticing that when we open any of our specialized DITA topics, Pub Manager generates an error like this:

(PID 25372:77) Error Trisoft.Common.Xml.XmlCatalogResolver.GetEntity []
System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\bburns\AppData\Local\SDL\InfoShare Client\2009847173\Config\DocTypes\dita-oasis\1.2\healthwise\dtd\healthwise\-\HEALTHWISE\ELEMENTS DITA InfoConcept\EN'.

If any domain or constraint modules are referenced, they also generate errors. However, the constraint-module errors (which are stored in a parallel folder to the DTDs and domain modules) display an incorrect path (one not defined in the catalog entries for them).

All DTDs validate correctly, and SDL otherwise displays no validation errors in the repository or in the authoringbridge for Oxygen. These errors do not occur when I open a publication referencing only standard DITA topics.

Is there a configuration somewhere that we might be missing?

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