RE: Folder & Publication API


We have a requirement, let say

Current scenario: (Actual)

We have Folder_A under which there is Folder_B under which there is Maps_Folder (of type Map) under which there is .ditamap file.

All we have is GUID of ssd.ditamap file, what we want is using this ditamap GUID I have to figure out parent folder (Folder B) and create a "Publication folder" under "Folder B". Is there any SDL API in Folder25 available to create this "Publication" folder in a best possible performant way.

Below is the expected view:



Any suggestion or ideas or recommendation is well appreciated.








  • A quickie in between to get you going... remember that the source code of these cmdlets is online on GitHub, so if you want to go native C# you can find the API calls there

    New-IshSession -WsBaseUrl "" -PSCredential "Admin"
    $folderPath = Get-IshDocumentObjFolderLocation -LogicalId ISHEDITORTEMPLATEMASTERMAP # this could be you GUID
    $parentIshFolder = Get-IshFolderLocation -FolderPath (Split-Path -Path $folderPath -Parent)
    Add-IshFolder -ParentFolderId $parentIshFolder ... # you can derive security from the $parentIshFolder