Calculating values in SOAP envelope

If you run Fiddler when authenticating to SDL Knowledge Center, you see:

  1. A POST to /InfoShareSTS/issue/wstrust/mixed/username that sends the credentials. 
  2. The client receives a response that contains a large <xenc:EncryptedData> element.
  3. The client sends (almost unmodified) the <xenc:EncryptedData> in a POST to /InfoShareWS/Wcf/API25/Application.

But appended after this <xenc:EncryptedData> block in step 3 is a <Signature> block that contains a <DigestValue> and <SignatureValue>.

How is the <DigestValue> calculated?

How is the <SignatureValue> calculated?

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  • Hi tintinno, 

    Were you successful in creating code that connects to the API using Python?

    Personally - I tried the same thing in javascript (Nodejs), but quickly realized how hard it was to figure out how to format the request XML. 

    The only success I had was by using SoapUI to properly build SOAP header and Body. My workflow was - build a working request in SOAPUI, and replicate in javascript. 

    Admittedly, I decided to build a seperate micro service using Dotnet to connect to Tridion, since it just turned out to be fairly challenging to get things working with javascript. 

    Good luck, and please share if you have success.