Deleting files with Remove-IshDocumentObj Tridion 13 SP1

Is Remove-IshDocumentObj still supported in Tridion 13 SP1?

For example, when running in Powershell:

Get-IshFolder -IshSession $ishSession -FolderID $parentFolderID -Recurse | Get-IshFolderContent | Remove-IshDocumentObj        #removes all documents within a parent folder

The metadata for the files is deleted, but not the actual files themselves. What is the correct way to completely delete a file?

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  • Thank you! I believe I got it to work, i just needed to add -force to the Remove-IshDocumentObj command. 

    When I said the metadata was deleted, I meant the language and version for the files was erased, but the file itself was not. Therefore, any files that didn't have this data didn't seem to show up with the command Get-IshFolderContent. As a follow-up question, is there a different way to view folder content that would allow me to retrieve even files that don't have their language and version set?

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