Getting document report using ISHRemote API


Is there a way to view the referenced topics/images for a document using the ISHRemote API?

My end goal would be to create a report on document reuse.

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  • Hi Madison,

    I have to make a couple assumptions here like

    • Understanding the Logical-Version-Language paradigm, so in turn logical linking
    • Publications have a Baseline object which turns does the Version level selection
    • And the language level can be either source language or target language
    Then in essence the fields you are looking for are language-level FISHLINKS and FISHIMAGELINKS (preferably on source language, so FSOURCELANGUAGE is empty).
    More field information is available when your run ISHRemote
    New-IshSession -WsBaseUrl "" -IshUserName "username" -IshUserPassword  "userpassword"
  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful!

    I'm encountering some difficulties when trying to access the FISHLINKS metadata field for a map. When I run the code snippet below, it prints out the metadata fields for FISHLASTMODIFIEDBY and FSTATUS, but doesn't print anything for FISHLINKS. I can, however, see that the map stored in $content[0] references several topics and images if I click "Reports", then "Referenced topics and images overview for language" through the SDL content manager web client. Do you know why this is occurring?

    $folders = Get-IshFolder -ishSession $ishSession -FolderId $folderID -Recurse
    $content = $folders | Get-IshFolderContent -IshSession $ishSession

    Get-IshMetadataField -IshSession $ishSession -Name FISHLASTMODIFIEDBY -Level Lng -IshObject $content[0]
    Get-IshMetadataField -IshSession $ishSession -Name FSTATUS -Level Lng -IshObject $content[0]
    Get-IshMetadataField -IshSession $ishSession -Name FISHLINKS -Level Lng -IshObject $content[0]

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  • Hi Madison,

    Every object in the Content Manager system has many fields defined, which are categorized in System (S), Descriptive (D) and Basic (B). Have a look at the difference on section "Sample - Descriptive, Basic and All Fields"

    You can recognize which fields are part of which group by the SDB column when running Get-IshTypeFieldDefinition

    To connect the dots, your Get-IshFolderContent call uses the default value of $ishSession.DefaultRequestedMetadata which is to NOT return system fields like FISHLINK. Hence when you do your lookup, it shows up empty.

    The simple way out is to do: $ishSession.DefaultRequestedMetadata = 'All'. This however means you are retrieving literally all fields which has a potential severe performance impact! So okay for a small data set or a one time run.

    If you run your script often, I would suggest to explicitly request the specific fields you need by a: Get-IshDocumentObj -IshObject $content -RequestedMetadata (Set-IshRequestedMetadataField -Name FISHLINKS -Level Lng | Set-IshRequestedMetadataField ...)

    Small hint on your Get-IshMetadataField usage, since ISHRemote 0.7 you can use the provided PSNoteProperties, see inside In short you can write: $content[0].fishlinks

    Hope this helps,

    My test script eventually...

    $folders = Get-IshFolder -BaseFolder Favorites -Recurse
    foreach ($folder in $folders)
        $ishobjects = Get-IshFolderContent -IshFolder $folders
        $ishobjects = Get-IshDocumentObj -IshObject $ishobjects -RequestedMetadata (Set-IshRequestedMetadataField -Name FISHLINKS -Level Lng)
    foreach ($ishobject in $ishobjects)
  • Thank you Dave, this is exactly what I needed!