Is there an API or attribute to determine if a baseline is frozen?

I have a batch routine that needs to identify recently frozen publication baselines.  I see an API asking if CanFreeze and to Freeze.  I assume that there is some metadata but not able to find it.  Ideally, it would be great if some sort of plug-in event would fire when a baseline is frozen.

  • Hi Todd,

    There are no hooks/events/IWritePlugins on the Baseline objects. There are however IWritePlugins on PublicationOutputs. I assume you know that when you Release (R) PublicationOutputs you implicitly freeze the attached baseline. So a plugin that trigger an (asynchronous) task when Releasing the PublicationOutput might work.

    Typically less-and-less customer's directly Freeze the baseline. The best Baseline metadata I can come up with I found through ISHRemote's cmdlet:  Get-IshTypeFieldDefinition | Out-GridView

    So FISHLABELRELEASED in combination with MODIFIED-ON.

    Hope either gets you going,