Question about ishtype="ISHNotFound"


I am using the DocumentObj class to retrieve the metadata for a map using the RetriveObjects function, but am getting an ishtype of ISHNotFound. I can see the map in publication manager and live content architect even thought i am getting ISHNotFound. I was wondering why this might be the case.

Is there a difference between the RetrieveObjects function and the GetMetadata function for the DocumentObj2.5 class? Is it a matter of one hitting the database or index?

  • The ISHNotFound concept is from the older API 1.0. It means that the object you identified (probably logical id GUID, perhaps version...) is not found by the system. See

    I should strongly urge you to use the 2.5 calls... so DocumentObj25 etc!
    The exact same 'wrong' parameters for group calls like RetrieveObjects will no longer return you an ISHNotFound entry but will simply return you an empty result. For single object calls like GetMetadata you will get an error thrown for passing unknown identifiers.

    For further follow-up, please always add the systems version number like 11.0.3 (2014SP3) as that short version string contains a lot of information on behavior of your environment.
    Another good hint is to have a look and share the web/app server generated logging like C:\InfoShare\Data\Logs\InfoShareWS_20151105.log For most of our log files you can clean/delete them at any moment in time (preferably right before your API call) resulting in a clean log file.